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Weddings Information


The constitution defines a member of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church as one who has contributed or communed in the last year. If there is no evidence as to the above statement all persons will be considered a non-member or inactive member. All fees will be paid in advance.


Custodians: $75.00 per use

Organist: $150.00

Sound Engineer: $100.00

Use of Church Facilities: $100.00 per use

Use of Fellowship Hall: $100.00 per use

Pastor’s Fee: $100.00


1. The wedding date shall be set in consultation with the Pastor.

2. A series of counseling sessions shall be arranged in advance of the wedding in an attempt to establish the marriage on Christian principles.

3. The wedding service will be performed from the Lutheran hymnals.

4. Only appropriate Christian music may be used during the wedding service. All music will be approved by the Pastor and the Organist/Music Director.

5. No flash photography or distracting videoing shall be permitted with the wedding service.

6. All cell phones will be turned off.

7. Church furniture is to remain in place during the wedding.

8. All church decorations are to appropriate and if not previously approved in practice will be cleared by the pastor.

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